Protocol and procedures related to the outbreak of covid-19 algarve discovery lda


Algarve Discovery Internal Protocol

Protocol and procedures related to the outbreak of COVID-19 Algarve Discovery Lda. Internal Protocol The Algarve Discovery Company operates with boats and vehicles, on shared and private tours.

The Company’s employees trained in safe and clean tourism in Portugal following the guidelines of the DGS, Algarve Discovery developed the following protocol, and both customers and employees must comply with the basic prevention measures for the prevention and control of the Coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 and respect the following procedures;

All employees and clients will be subject to monitoring to assess fever, cough or difficulty breathing. Hand hygiene, washing frequently with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds or using a hand sanitizing solution with 70% alcohol, covering all hand surfaces and rubbing until dry, are available in vehicles, boats as well as at the support stand of the riverside disinfectant gel for customers and employees.

The respiratory label must be observed; Cough or sneeze into the flexed forearm or use a tissue, and then it should be immediately thrown in the trash. Always sanitize your hands after coughing or sneezing, avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth with your hands, changing the frequency and form of contact between workers and between them and customers, avoiding (when possible) close contact, handshaking , kisses, shared jobs, face-to-face meetings and sharing of food, utensils, glasses and towels.

Avoid contacts between employees and customers.

Under the guidelines for collective passenger transport, the capacity of our vessels was reduced by 2/3, which will remain so until the contrary orders.

Our customers must opt ​​for online payments, and use a voucher on their mobile phone, minimizing the risk of contagion. At the Sales Stand, a “Ticket Shop, Self Service” system will be implemented. Opt for it whenever possible.

Vessels and means of transport will be cleaned in accordance with DGS guidelines. The use of a mask when traveling within the vehicle is mandatory.