The beaches and the Ria Formosa, where flamingos flutter, border the sea.

Faro is District CapitalFaro reveals in its heritage, culture and arts, the signs left by the passage of several communities: Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Christians and Jews. They are recorded throughout the city and in the countryside, we invite you to discover them.

Everything is worth visiting; from the small chapel to the rich palace, beauty is all around, ready to be admired.In the flat fields, the stain of the houses of Faro, the green of the gardens cultivated in the fertile lands, the frames of the daughters-in-law who extracted the fresh and healthy water, heritage of the Moors.

Smooth hills in an amphitheater, where fruit trees are born, frame the landscape in the background. Villages, which show treasures of art, reveal testimonies of the magnificence of Roman nobles.

These are the charms of Faro and its municipality, starting point for unforgettable trips.



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